Automatic Analysis of Rotating Equipment

Like no other, Fixturlaser SMC is a portable machinery diagnostic tool that allows maintenance personnel, of all levels, to check the health of their rotating machine, as & when needed & in a matter of minutes. It requires no special training or certification to operate, generating straightforward machine diagnostic reports indicating both confidence, severity levels & recommended remedial action.


Designed for use by Maintenance Personnel

The SMC detects faults on machines, more accurately and reliably than any previous automatic diagnostic tool thanks to the software onboard SMC, Accurex™.

Designed for use on-demand, one machine at a time.

Only requires RPM & horsepower to provide accurate diagnosis.

SMC guides you throughout the measurement process.


Plant Health, Dynamic Balancer & Lubrication from 1 Source

The leading causes for premature, catastrophic, failure in rotating machinery, more than any other areas are:-

  • Misalignment,
  • Unbalance and
  • Bad lubrication practises

Through using Fixturlaser reliability tools you can reduce maintenance costs by being able to carry out precision laser shaft alignment with one of our very easy to use, highly accurate alignment tools, as and when plant outages are planned.

Fixturlaser SMC further extends machine health by allowing your maintenance staff to check the vital statistics of your machine and being able to conduct planned in-situ dynamic balancing, based on the detailed health reports provided. 

Additionally, we support LUBExpert, the on-condition lubrication tool that can be introduced into your lube program without the need for additional skills sets.

LUBExpert - Easy to use, Improves Reliability, Dependable & Costs Saving!

Accurex™ - Automatic Machine Diagnosis


Our unique automatic machine diagnostic Accurex™ is built into Fixturlaser SMC. This innovative machine diagnostics feature provides unbeatable fast, relevant and reliable results for a wide range of machine problems such as unbalance, alignment errors, cavitation, structural resonances, bearing problems and more.

Fast, accurate machinery diagnostics in 3 simple steps.


  1. Select the machine you want to diagnose from the device.
  2. Take readings at each of the automatically designated points.
  3. View the machine diagnostic report to learn what is wrong and what you need to fix.

Fixturlaser SMC - The All In One Plant Condition Analyser

Tri-axis Wireless Sensor


The Fixturlaser SMC wireless tri-axial sensor will take readings in the vertical, horizontal and axial planes, simultaneously, making the measurement process fast, accurate and easy.

Built-in Laser Pyrometer


Fixturlaser SMC has a built-in laser pyrometer so as to measure  the temperature of your machine, to verify your diagnosis.

Built-in Camera


For easy machine identification and report illustration.

Built-in Stroboscope


The built-in stroboscope makes it easy to pinpoint machine RPM which is crucial for securing an accurate diagnosis.


Fixturlaser SMC - Dynamic Balancer Option

Fixturlaser SMC Balancer is a powerful, smart and easy to use balancing tool that guides the user through the entire balancing process. From free run to trial run and finally to the trimming run. All calculations are automatically generated after each run, from trial run, through to the final trimming run.

Our user-friendly graphics interface guides the technician throughout the process from defining the machine, configuring the speed counter to selecting the test and trim weights. Following the measurement procedure, the balancing instrument presents the required correction weights necessary to balance the asset.

Fixturlaser SMC Balancer option provides for 1 and 2 plane balancing.


Fixturlaser SMC Balancer: What’s Included

  • Laser tachometer and cable
  • Tachometer Magnet holder
  • 2 ASH accelerometers with high-power magnets and cables

Take the Fixturlaser SMC Plant Challenge!


  1. When your maintenance or reliability personnel sign up for the SMC Plant Challenge they will be contacted by one of our staff to set up a short appointment.
  2. At the appointed time they will receive a free 30 minute onsite analysis of your most challenging machine train.
  3. A Fixturlaser UK specialist will conduct the analysis using the Smart Machine Checker and within minutes, whilst still at the machine's side, the SMC will identify any problems, along with their severity and recommend corrective actions.
  4. In addition to the on-the-spot results, the analysis will be confirmed with a written report.

Take The SMC Challenge Today

Fixturlaser SMC with Accurex™