Laser Shaft Alignment Training


The objective of this Precision Laser Shaft Alignment Course is to provide students with the skills & understanding of the processes & procedures required to align rotating shafts to specific tolerances, using any of our Fixturlaser Alignment Systems.

Our unique approach provides the attendee with a comprehensive understanding of the precision laser shaft alignment process through the theoretical & hands-on practical exercises covered.

Geometric Alignment Training


Our geometry training courses are tailored to the applications your engineer will encounter and the scope of the equipment you have. Please contact us for more details on our Fixturlaser Geometry training courses.


Improve Plant Reliability

Statistics show us that poor shaft alignment accounts for as much as 50% of rotating plant's premature failure. It goes without saying, therefore, that good plant maintenance practices are essential if we wish to keep our plants running efficiently, with maintenance and downtime costs kept to a minimum.

Advancements in alignment tools now means that highly qualified plant engineers are no longer essential as our systems' easy to use, icon driven, user interface prompts the operator through the entire measuring and correcting sequences, from roughing-in to job sign-off. By employing Fixturlaser’s cutting edge technology, your plant reliability will be improved.


Affordable Shaft Alignment Training

Our courses are designed for technical staff such as millwrights, electricians, fitters, mechanics and craftsmen who need to become proficient in the use of laser alignment tools, in order to carry out their alignment duties for coupled rotating machinery. Our courses include both practical and theoretical instruction with proper alignment practices and principles stressed throughout. Course material includes the full scope of alignment from rough alignment practices to finishing, job traceability, troubleshooting and special applications.


Our courses are aimed at users gaining working level proficiency on Fixturlaser products with special detail given to our unique VertiZontal™ Compound Moves feature. Courses are tailored to suit your product of choice, in order to get the engineer fully acquainted and comfortable using their alignment tool.

On site training class numbers are limited to 4 participants per day. For these courses you will need to provide a suitable training area and a screen or white wall.

Colleges & Apprentice Training Facilities


Special Deal for Training Facilities

We have tailored deals and special pricing that we offer to training facilities. Please contact us to find out more.

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