SDT 270


Measures Ultrasound, Vibration, RPM & Temperature.

All in one instrument!



Poor greasing practices are a leading cause of bearing failure.

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SDT Sensors & Transmitters

RS2 Needle Sensor


  • To accurately measure structure-borne ultrasound waves, choose the RS1 Needle Contact Sensor. Available in three lengths, the sensor helps you hear & collect data when monitoring bearings & equipment in your facility. 

RS1 Threaded Sensor


  • When you want precise ultrasound data this sensor may be used with a Lube Adaptor for condition-based lubrication of motor bearings. It also integrates with various mounting pads or a magnetic mount, when drilling is not available.

Flexible Sensor


  • The Flexible Sensor is designed to make airborne ultrasound detection easy. This sensor can also be mounted to the end of a metal tube to get to hard to reach spots and bent to fit your inspection needs.

ParaDish2 Sensor


  • The ParaDish2 long-distance ultrasonic detector, allows the user to hear ultrasound waves from more than 300 feet away. It is equipped with an optical viewfinder & laser pointer, making it ideal for overhead power-line inspection.

Extended Distance Sensor


  • Screwed onto the SDT device, the EDS accessory significantly increases the sensitivity of the internal sensor, facilitating the detection of ultrasound at a distance of 50 feet, making it ideal for checking leaks on overhead airlines.

Tightness Testing


  • Tightness integrity is an issue that plagues every industry. T-Sonic is an ultrasound solution focused on pinpointing leaks. SDT makes it easy to do, simply position T-SONIC1 in the container or room, seal the volume & listen for leaks!