SDT 270 Ultrasound Reliability Package


SDT270 ultrasound, the single solution for the widest number of reliability checks in your plant.

All wrapped up into one instrument!

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Bearing Monitoring


Identify early-stage bearing defects to prevent unplanned failures.

Leak Detection


Find and fix air leaks to cut your energy costs by as much as 40%.

Electrical Systems


Scan your electrical systems for partial discharge faults.

Steam Traps


Identify failed steam traps that reduce system efficiency.

Valve Monitoring


Internal & External valve leaks are a threat to your process, find them with SDT 270.

Condition Monitoring


Keep a finger on your plant’s condition & effectively plan maintenance outages. 

Marine Applications


Tightness testing & condition monitoring keeps your vessel “Ship Shape.”

Tank Test


 Reveal leaks in underground storage tanks.

Tightness Testing


Scan seams & seals to verify tightness in vehicles, clean rooms & buildings.

Ultranalysis Suite - Powerful, Analytical, Versatile


Ultranalysis Suite provides, easy to use, powerful flexibility, to manage any combination of assets from a few, to several thousand. An asset database is your condition monitoring road-map. Organising your condition monitoring program has never been easier with UAS2:-

  • Hierarchical tree structure with seven levels
  • Tree structures grouped in data folders
  • Unlimited tree structures and data folders
  • Expand/Collapse of any level node
  • Copy, Paste, Rename, Drag-and-Drop edit functions
  • User login rights for Administrator, Writer, Reader
  • Third party data access with any SQL query tool
  • Available in single user or network version.

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. With SDT270 you can better define your installation's maintenance needs by finding impending bearing failure sooner and then planning plant maintenance outages that best suits your production schedule!

Reduce Your Plant's Run Cost

SDT = Precision Maintenance