SDT 270 Ultrasound Reliability Package


SDT270 ultrasound, the single solution for the widest number of reliability checks in your plant - all wrapped up into one instrument!

Bearing Monitoring

Identify early-stage bearing defects to prevent unplanned failures.

Leak Detection

Find and fix air leaks to cut your energy costs by as much as 40%.

Electrical Systems

Scan your electrical systems for partial discharge faults.

Steam Traps

Identify failed steam traps that reduce system efficiency.

Valve Monitoring

Internal & External valve leaks are a threat to your process, find them with SDT 270.

Condition Monitoring

Keep a finger on your plant’s condition & effectively plan maintenance outages. 

Marine Applications

Tightness testing & condition monitoring keeps your vessel “Ship Shape.”

Tank Test

 Reveal leaks in underground storage tanks.

Tightness Testing

Scan seams & seals to verify tightness in vehicles, clean rooms & buildings.

UAS - Ultranalysis® Suite • Powerful • Analytical • Versatile


Ultranalysis provides, easy to use, powerful flexibility to manage any combination of assets from a few, to several thousand. An asset database is your condition monitoring road-map. Organising your condition monitoring program has never been easier with UAS2:-

  • Hierarchical tree structure with seven levels
  • Tree structures grouped in data folders
  • Unlimited tree structures and data folders
  • Expand/Collapse of any level node
  • Copy, Paste, Rename, Drag-and-Drop edit functions
  • User login rights for Administrator, Writer, Reader
  • Third party data access with any SQL query tool
  • Available in single user or network version.

Reduce Your Plant's Run Cost - Precision Maintenance