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Meax® Single Level - Machine Tool Levelling System

Measurement & Alignment of Geometric & Rotational Axes for Lathes & Turning Centres

The MEAX Single Level uses a two axes sensor for various measurement tasks when checking the geometry status of machine tools. It uses the readings from the 2-axes level sensor and connects to a mobile or tablet device that displays the results via the Meax Level App.

With Meax Single Level it is possible to measure an object’s inclination towards gravity  (levelling) or to measure an object’s relative angular deviation (roll / pitch)  during machine axes movement. Meax Level may also be used to monitor angular movement or drift over a time.

A unique feature of Meax Level is that combines a wide measurement range (±100 mm/m), with high accuracy (± 0.005/m) which is constant over its entire measuring range. This feature allows the MEAX Level sensor to be mounted on a surface using a magnetic base, in tool holders using a 16mm shaft holder or mounted on customised fixtures, further increasing the flexibility of the Meax Level systems.

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Our products have flexible features that enable us to tailor a package to suit your budget & specific needs.

Functions – Meax Single Level

The 2 Axis Level Sensor
The future of machine tool levelling measurement is here. MEAX Level has brought together new technologies that generate accuracies down to 0.005 mm/m. The user interface is based on Apps on Smartphones and Tablets and/or can be used with our Display Unit. Within five minutes, MEAX Level will enable you to determine whether the machine is in level whilst it can also be used to determine data concerning roll/pitch in machine movement.

Thanks to a wireless connection to the smartphone or tablet, MEAX Level reads two angles at the same time.

Ruggedised for Industrial Use
The design and colour are customised to be easily seen in an industrial environment.
Meax Level sensors have internal batteries sufficient for 12 hours continuous operation.
MEAX Level is IP65 classified, giving a significant level of protection against liquids and dust.
Each sensor includes a battery health indicator status without the need to activate the sensor or mobile device.

Single Level

Lm & Cell

Measuring straightness (in two planes), of the Z Axis’ travel, for example.

The SR Sensor is mounted at a fixed location and the SM Sensor is mounted in the machine’s spindle. This set-up allows the user to check the straightness for the entire travel of the Z Axis.

Need the App on your Tablet or Smartphone? Download it from the Play Store of choice below.

Meax Level Sensors

Level 4
  1. ON/OFF with LED indication
  2. Mini USB for charging
  3. Bluetooth LED
  4. Button for battery status
  5. LED for battery status
  6. LED for charging status
  7. Reference points
  8. Threaded holes (3xM3) for attachment
Level Tablet & Phone

Our products have flexible features that enable us to tailor a package to suit your budget & specific needs.

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Fixturlaser UK offers full technical support and training on all of our products. Training can be arranged to be carried out at our premises or yours. Contact us for more details.

Meax Guide-U™


Meax Guide-U™ is our unique icon based user interface that guides the user throughout the measurement and alignment process, no text, sero confusion. Press the icon of choice and follow the screen prompts. There are no text barriers or confusing tree sub-structures cluttering the mechanic’s path to ensuring precision machine tool calibration, every time.

Meax TPS™

Tps 1

With Meax True Position Sensing, the user can see exactly how much their remedial actions are moving a machine, live. TPS™ is accurate & innovative, ensuring the quickest response time between an outage and getting your machine tool back on-line.

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