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Mt20 Case

Meax MT20 - Machine Tool Calibration System

Measurement & Alignment of Geometric & Rotational Axes for Lathes & Turning Centres

MEAX MT20 is a specifically designed measuring system for conducting checks to the geometric status of machine tools, quickly and with high accuracy. The instruments measure the geometry of the machine’s movements in a number of simple steps using the various applications, that appear in the display unit, whilst utilising in combination, the 4 precision sensors supplied with the system. The measuring sensors in MEAX MT20 are, made for purpose, precision instruments that provide high repeatability and accuracy in challenging measurement environments.

With MEAX MT20 you can check the complete geometric status of a turning centre in less than 30 minutes. The instrument measures the geometry and related movements in four simple steps:-

  • Spindle Alignment
  • Axes Coaxiality
  • Straightness
  • Squareness
  • Level – plus a combination function we call Strevel (see Functions)

The tailored software takes you through the measurements, allowing MEAX MT20 to be used by anyone. The measurements are performed with four wireless sensors and all measurements are saved to create additional documentation as required.

MEAX MT20 sensors are high-precision instruments that provide accurate measurements down to 0.001 mm. The complete system comes supplied in a small, robust, portable case.

Our products have flexible features that enable us to tailor a package to suit your budget & specific needs.

Functions – Meax MT20

MEAX MT20 is used to carry out high accuracy measurements and alignment of geometric and rotational axes on lathes turning centre machine tools and related equipment. The Meax Display Unit is a graphics driven user interface that guides the user throughout the measuring and correction process.

Meax MT20 contains high precision Level and Combination sensors with imbedded high accuracy digital inclinometers housed together with the Laser transmitter detectors. An angular prism is included in the package to enable the Squareness measurements.

  • Level
  • Coaxiality
  • Squareness
  • Straightness
  • Spindle Alignment

Meax sensors connect wirelessly to the Display Unit, that processes and presents the results both graphically and numerically. Results are stored in the memory of the Display Unit from which reports may be created on site and exported via the USB port.



Measuring straightness (in two planes), of the Z Axis’ travel, for example.

The SR Sensor is mounted at a fixed location and the SM Sensor is mounted in the machine’s spindle. This set-up allows the user to check the straightness for the entire travel of the Z Axis.

Lathe Axes

Straightness & Level - Strevel

Strevel 3

To check that the machine’s movements run straight without any pitch and roll, a solution with multiple sensors is required.

The MEAX LR sensor is positioned on the machine bed and the LM sensor is fitted to the tool holder using the attachment supplied. The SR sensor is mounted in the main spindle and the MEAX SM sensor in the tool holder.

The result is displayed as a set of measured points along the length of the movement.

In this way MEAX MT15 checks the straightness of the machine’s movement, at the same time as measuring the angular deviation of the movement in relation to the machine bed. The result is displayed in both graphic and text form, and can easily be exported via USB.

Spindle Alignment

Hor Spndl Align
Spindle Align

Resultant deviations, in spindle direction, impact on the accuracy and repeatability of a machined part. It is important, therefore, that this is easily measured.

With Meax, the user is able to check the deviation via four measured points in two positions along the Z axis. By rotating the laser in the spindle and moving the MEAX SM sensor along the Z axis, one obtains the result for parallel alignment between the rotational axis of the spindle to the 2-axis movement. The results are displayed in pictorial form, in two directions: –
at square and parallel to the machine bed and
in parallel with it.


Hor Coax

Coaxiality is used to measure and adjust a tool holder.

Using the MEAX SR and SM sensors, you can measure the alignment between the main spindle and the tool holder to quickly set a zero point in the tool holder.

Meax Display Unit guides the user throughout the measuring process. The software guyides tjhe user on how to take measurements, in four positions and then calculates a result that shows the angular error and centre deviation between the spindle and tool holder.

Adjustments can then be carried out in live mode, a function unique to MEAX.


Hor Sq

Measuring squareness is truly jackpot function for users as never before has measuring and correcting squareness in machine tools been so easy.
Simply by fitting a prism to MEAX SR, one can measure whether the machine’s movements are square with one another. The measurement is performed in two steps:-

  1. first by measuring the X axis and
  2. then the Z axis.

The software guides the user through the measurement phase, with the result the angular deviation present. The customised fixture makes it easy to fit the sensors, thus ensuring the most accurate result.

Lathe Axes

SQ201 Prism for Squareness

Hor Sq
Sq201 Sr 2

Meax® SQ201 Angle Prism
For squareness measurements, the SQ201 angle prism is fitted to the SR sensor which angles the output laser beam at precisely 90° with an accuracy within 0.005 mm/m. The angle prism has a built-in mechanical device that allows the user to alter the direction of the laser beam at any time during the measurement process with a simple manual operation.

As the SQ201 is small, it can be installed in machines where space is limited and where one needs to maximise the distances between the measurement points. Its light weight minimises the risk of sag errors.

Our products have flexible features that enable us to tailor a package to suit your budget & specific needs.

Fixturlaser After Sales Support


Fixturlaser UK offers full technical support and training on all of our products. Training can be arranged to be carried out at our premises or yours. Contact us for more details.

Meax Guide-U™


Meax Guide-U™ is our unique icon based user interface that guides the user throughout the measurement and alignment process, no text, sero confusion. Press the icon of choice and follow the screen prompts. There are no text barriers or confusing tree sub-structures cluttering the mechanic’s path to ensuring precision machine tool calibration, every time.

Meax TPS™

Tps 1

With Meax True Position Sensing, the user can see exactly how much their remedial actions are moving a machine, live. TPS™ is accurate & innovative, ensuring the quickest response time between an outage and getting your machine tool back on-line.

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