Shaft Alignment Tool Hire


System Hire

Do you have your own qualified engineering personnel and need to hire a shaft alignment tool? Our state-of-the-art alignment tools are accurate, exceptionally easy to use and available for weekly hire.

Use Fixturlaser

Fixturlaser alignment tools use icon based operator systems meaning there aren't screeds of user menus to scan through in order to carry out the task at hand. Simply press the icon that suits your alignment application and the system will prompt you through the measuring and adjustment processes including saving the results by customer selected tag numbers. 

Get your Enquiry to us by 11:00

Need a shaft alignment tool in a hurry. Let us know before 11:00 and we will have it delivered to you the following day.

Geometry Needs

We do not rent out our geometry equipment but are happy to send you the gear with our own technician. Contact us for more details.

Express Shaft Alignment Tool Hire