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10 off per Shim Pack - Profiles A, B, C & D

Fixturlaser Shimcase 1


FL-SC1 - A, B & C Shims

Fixturlaser Shimcase 3


FL-SC3 - C & D Shims

Fixturlaser Shimcase 4


FL-SC4 - A, B, C & D Shims

The Importance of Shims

Good Quality Shims are Important

Stainless Steel Shims are generally regarded as the standard material to use to shim machine feet, when performing precision laser shaft alignment. They are clean, corrosion resistant, flat and most importantly, pre-cut. Their use speeds up the alignment process significantly and are considerably more accurate than homemade shims and shim stock.

It is very important, however, to measure the thickness of a shim before using it. Shims, like all other machined components are made to a prescribed tolerance. It is up to the user to confirm that the shim thickness he chooses, matches the tolerances required of the task you are about to carry out.

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