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Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate - Geometry & Shaft Alignment Platform

Professional Alignment Platform – Tailored to Meet your Budget & Specific Plant Needs

NXA Ultimate is a comprehensive system comprising of the T21 Turret laser transmitter, R2 precision XY PSD detector, our 3 Series shaft alignment laser transducers and our Guide-U™ Display Unit. One can add other elements, from our extensive range, to expand the system based on your specific needs. All the measurement programs are included as standard in the NXA Ultimate DU making this a versatile precision alignment package.

Carry out a broad spectrum of geometric measurements with this one convenient system as well as precision shaft alignment. Measurement is quick and easy, with precise live measurements used during the alignment phase for both Geometric and Shaft Alignment. Featuring Guide-U™ and TPS™ Compound Moves, this system  provides the user with all the functionality needed to carry out even the most complex of alignment tasks:-

  • Screen-flip
  • Align machines
  • Remedy Softfoot™
  • Check for shaft lift & run-out
  • Document & share the results
  • Straightness, flatness, squareness and level
  • Configured to suit your reliability needs & budget

Our products have flexible features that enable us to tailor a package to suit your budget & specific needs.

Functions – Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate

The featured programs below are the most common used with this system. Please contact us to discuss any specific issues you have.
Documentation of each measurement job can be compiled into a PDF report in the Display Unit or the individual files can be downloaded for use on a PC.

Horizontal Shaft Alignment

¤app H 20, Measure Start Rev A

To achieve successful shaft alignment it is vital the proper sequence of events are carried out. Understanding and utilising our methodology drastically decreases the time required to align shafts and improves the effectiveness of your efforts.

Fixturlaser Guide-U™ prompts the user throughout the alignment process, to ensure no steps are missed.

Vertical Shaft Alignment


For the correction of misalignment for vertically and flange mounted machines.

Correction of vertical shaft alignment is done by moving the flange of the machine until the shafts are aligned to within given or industry accepted tolerances.


¤app H 52, Softcheck Foot 2 Rev A

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to establish a softfoot condition without the use of a measuring device.

A softfoot condition needs to be corrected before alignment takes place. If not, the measurement result will be unreliable and the machine difficult to align.

Target Values

¤app H 11, Configuration W Tv Feet

Thermal expansion of machines is expressed as a factor of deliberate misalignment for both offset and angular values. In the Fixturlaser NXA system, the pre-determined target values are entered prior to starting the alignment task for both offset and angular parameters.

The entered Target Values are the figures at which the machine should be positioned when it is in the cold condition, so as to obtain the correct alignment position when the machine reaches its running temperature.

Machine Defined Data

Target Values 1

The Machine Defined Data function allows the user to create configuration templates for all kinds of manufacturing models, where data such as distances, target values and tolerances are saved.

This function is particularly useful for service organisations that maintain several wind turbine models.

Online 2 Run

Ol2r 4

Most machines generate a certain amount of heat whilst running, causing differential thermal growth to occur in the machine train.

If these figures are unknown, then by using the Fixturlaser NXA OL2R, one can measure both the hot and cold conditions and establish the machine’s unique set of Target Values.

These values are saved into the NXA Pro, enabling one to then carry out the shaft alignment process according to recommended tolerances and actual Thermal Growth values.

Feet Lock


In some instances, the machine that would normally be considered the movable element cannot be moved, for a number of reasons.

These include instances such as some have feet that may not be adjusted or are simply bolt bound, meaning there is no latitude to move the machine about the bolt-holes.

In order to perform proper alignment in these cases, the Feetlock function can be used. This function allows you to select which feet to lock and which feet are adjustable.

Machine Train

Machine Train

The Machine Train setup is used when there are more than two rotating machines connected to each other.

The Machine Train program in Fixturlaser NXA is designed to quickly provide an overview of the position of each machine and to determine which machine should be chosen as stationary, in order to optimise the adjustment process.

Functions in the program make it possible to align machines to target positions, i.e. Target Values and to calculate the minimum amount of adjustment to align the entire machine train.

Hot Check

Ol2r 4

If you have unexplainable vibrations in installations such as a pump and motor etc, the Hot Check application can help pinpoint your doubts and the cause of the vibrations.

A measurement should be taken as soon as a machine has been shut down, whilst it is still hot and then another measurement taken once it has cooled to ambient temperature. The Hot Check application is then used to compare these two measurements.

The difference between the two measurements is used as the Target Values when shaft alignment is next performed.

Spacer Shaft


Available on all NXA series instruments, the spacer shaft function is used when the alignment is performed on machinery using a membrane coupling. The membrane coupling is a typical high performance coupling, with no backlash, used for maintenance free operation. It is also suitable for high speeds or high temperature applications.

Membrane couplings are normally designed with a spacer shaft between two flexible elements making it possible to compensate for both axial, radial (offset) and angular misalignment.

PDF Report

Usb 1

Fixturlaser NXA series instruments, Fixturlaser Exo and Fixturlaser AT-2/300 all have the facility to generate enriched PDF reports.

Our PDF reports feature enables the user to create, share and store the as-found conditions and the remedial actions taken, to rectify problems found. No job is complete until the paperwork is done. With Fixturlaser PDF feature, report handover can be done whilst you are still on site or sent later by e-mail.

Straightness & Flatness


Straightness and level are often misconstrued to be one and the same thing. They are not as an axis may be straight whilst also being angled relative to earth gravity.

Our systems use a laser plane as a reference, which is unaffected by gravitational influences whilst our R2 receiver has an accutrate built-in inclinometer.

An axis travel is said to be straight if all the points on that plane fall within the selected tolerance values in the X Plane.

An axis travel is said to be flat if all the points on that surface or axis travel fall within the selected tolerance values in the Y Plane.

The deviation in distance between the laser plane and the measurement object is measured in one or more positions with the use of the R2 receiver.

Built-in spirit levels with micrometer adjustment screws are used for levelling the laser transmitter.

Bores with diameters ranging from 80 to 620 mm can be measured with a range up to 50 m by adding the Bore alignment kit and T110 transmitter to this package.

Reports for measurement job can be saved as a PDF document or files downloaded to generate the report on a PC.

Rectangular Flatness


This application also uses a laser plane as reference. The deviation in distance between the laser plane and the measurement object is measured in one or more positions with the use of the R2 receiver.

The program allows for up to 150 points (10 x 15) to be measured.

Typical applications include machine beds and machine foundations. For the latter application, it is particularly beneficial to combine flatness measurement with shaft alignment when installing rotating machinery, essentially a pre-alignment check.

Configuration is quick and easy. Setups are saved to enable the user to carry out adjustments after remedial actions are completed without having to enter all the machine details again.

Measurement provides the user with an overall view of the results and an instantaneous display of the measured object’s position.

Colour-coded measurement points. Measurement points registered in any order.Live values assist the user during the adjustment phase.

Reports for measurement job can be saved as a PDF document or files downloaded to generate the report on a PC.

Circular Flatness


This application uses a laser plane as reference. The deviation in distance between the laser plane and the measurement object is measured in one or more positions with the use of the R2 receiver.

The program allows for as many as three circles to be measured, with 99 points in each.

Typical applications include the measurement of flanges and circular machine foundations, flange flatness of windmill towers, cranes and slewing bearings.

Measurement is carried our using our intuitive Display Unit with Guide-U™ the Fixturlaser T21 turret laser, for distances up to 20 m and the R2 laser receiver. For greater distances, the Fixturlaser T220 with a range of 50 m is used.

When the measurement of a flange is complete, easy interpretation of the results follows, in situ, with no additional equipment.

Different calculation settings are user selectable, such as best fit, for the remedial phase of the job and again this can be carried out using live readings.

Reports for measurement job can be saved as a PDF document or files downloaded to generate the report on a PC.

Our products have flexible features that enable us to tailor a package to suit your budget & specific needs.

Fixturlaser After Sales Support


Fixturlaser UK offers full technical support and training on all of our products. Training can be arranged to be carried out at our premises or yours. Contact us for more details.

Fixturlaser Guide-U™


Fixturlaser Guide-U™ is our unique icon based user interface that guides the mechanic throughout the alignment process, zero text, no confusion. Press the icon of choice and follow the screen prompts. There are no text barriers or confusing tree sub-structures cluttering the mechanic’s path to ensuring precision shaft alignment each and every time.

Fixturlaser TPS™

Tps 1

With Fixturlaser True Position Sensing, no re-measurement or additional rotation of the machine train, in between adjustments, is necessary. You can see exactly how much your remedial actions are moving the machine, live. TPS™ is accurate & innovative, ensuring the quickest response time between machine failure & getting your machine back on-line.

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