Fixturlaser Guide-U™ - How it Works for You

Step 1


Select the Alignment Orientation

Horizontal or Vertical

Step 2


Mount the Laser Transceivers &

Measure the Machine as Prompted

Step 3


Set the Alignment Tolerances to either

Rotating Speed or OEM Tolerances

Step 4


Move the shafts as indicated to the

9 o'clock Position & take the First Measurement

Step 5


Move the shafts to the 12 o'clock

position & take the Second Measurement

Step 6


Move the shafts as indicated to the

3 o'clock Position & take the Last Measurement

Step 7


As Found Alignment Measurement Done

Save the As Found Results as Prompted

Step 8


Shim the feet for Vertical Alignment as Indicated

Press the Icon Lower Right to go to Live Readings

Step 9


TPS - Live Horizontal Readout

Move the Machine in the Direction of the Arrows

Step 10


TPS - Live Horizontal Readout

Once within Tolerance the Results go Green

Step 11


Rotate the Shafts to 12 o'clock

for Live Vertical  TPS - Readout

Step 12


TPS - Live Vertical Readout 

Add or Remove Shims as per the Screen Values

Step 13


Measure the As Left Results

Press the Alignment Key & Measure the Machine

Step 14


Save the As Found Results

Results can be Found in the File Manager

Step 15


Download the As Found & As Left Results

Create a Professional Alignment Report

Fixturlaser - True Position Sensing - TPS™


Fixturlaser 's patented TPS™ Live Moves feature is one of the most accurate, innovative and time saving features in the shaft alignment world.

  • Our graphics user interface shows how much a misaligned machine requires to be adjusted Vertically by adding or removing shims at the machine’s feet and Horizontally by inching the machine from one side to the other.
  • After doing the as-found measurement, it is now no longer necessary to re-measure in between the vertical and the horizontal adjustment steps. The system’s results page shows you a graphics representation of the vertical shimming values required and then simply by rotating the shafts to the horizontal position, the side to side adjustment is carried out with live values displayed in real time.

With True Position Sensing, no re-measurements or rotating of the machine train through 180° in between adjustments is necessary! Call or e-mail us for a free Fixturlaser TPS™ demo at your premises today.

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