Fixturlaser Eco

Fixturlaser Eco Display Unit


Development of the Fixturlaser Eco has brought to the maintenance industry an elementary, high-quality, alignment system.  Fixturlaser Eco is very easy to use, enabling the mechanic to increase his daily output through this system’s quick and easy setup process and precision shaft alignment capabilities.

A revolution in shaft alignment and usability, Fixturlaser Eco is a capable and reliable, platform that covers the needs for horizontal precision shaft alignment applications and includes our unique TPS feature, True Position Sensing, resulting in our very own VertiZonal™ Compound Moves shaft alignment application.

 VertiZonal™ provides the user with the simplest solution to establish and correct misalignment through True Position Sensing - TPS™. Live alignment values are indicated on the Display Unit throughout the alignment process because of our advanced Laser Transceivers.

Laser Transceivers


  • Thinnest, most compact and robust laser heads on the market.
  • Compact, durable, easy to install sensors with 17 hours duration.
  • 20 mm measuring windows that are easy to line up with our dual beam, visible, line lasers.
  • 1.5 mm laser line - brighter and easier to use versus a 2 or 3 mm dot.
  • Linear within ±1% over the entire span.
  • Laser light frequency/spectrum differentiation enables us to properly detect the laser even in the presence of sunlight.
  • Digital inclinometers with 0.1° resolution.
  • An angle difference of greater than 1% indicates looseness or backlash, in the coupling, with the appropriate warning.
  • Span 3 m.

VertiZontal™ only from Fixturlaser


Fixturlaser has developed an adaptive user application we call VertiZonal™ Compound Moves, an easy-to-use graphics platform that shows you pictorially what to do based on your measurement results.

Our graphics display shows the user exactly how much a misaligned machine requires to be adjusted, by adding or removing shims, to the machine’s feet.  When proceeding with the alignment, you no longer need to re-measure in between the vertical and the horizontal phases to correct for the horizontal misalignment. The horizontal adjustment is carried out simply by inching the machine, in the appropriate direction, according to the real values displayed and in so doing, decreasing the misalignment in real time.

Our VertiZontal™ feature guides the user sequentially, throughout the alignment process, with precise pictorial instructions on how to align your machine in real time, thereby saving you time and energy.