Fixturlaser Accessories

Offset Shaft Fixtures


1-0787 Fixturlaser OSK

Experiences in the paper industry have proved that machines with offset drives also need to be aligned. Check out our Cardan shaft alignment kit.

Online to Run


1-0788 Fixturlaser OL2R

Online to Run expansion kit incorporating hardware and software for express measurement of your machine's dynamic movements.

Fixturlaser Shims


FL-SC1 Fixturlaser Shimcase 1

Compliment the perfect alignment job with our precision stainless steel shims! Available in kits or in separate packs of 10 off.

Brackets, Magnets & Chains


Having difficulties with your setup. We have a comprehensive range of fittings and adapters to ease your setup woes



Need to up-skill your team or get some training on your new Fixturlaser investment? Give us a call to arrange a tailored training session.

Expand your Fixturlaser NXA Pro


Fixturlaser NXA Pro is a truly adaptable platform. Purchase the entry level model and then expand the system as your alignment needs increase.