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Fixturlaser Enhanced Mechanic - Plant Reliability Tools for Mechanics

Fixturlaser reliability tools detect faults on machines, more accurately and reliably than any previous automatic vibration diagnostic tool.
Thanks to the 4th generation of Accurex™ our automatic health diagnosis software is built into our Condition Monitoring tools:-
Fixturlaser Bearing Defender, Machine Defender and SMC – Smart Machine Checker.

Bearing & Machine Defender - Augmented Mechanic

Bearing Defender may be purchased either on its own or as part of a reliability package including a Fixturlaser Shaft Alignment Tool.

Machine Defender may be purchased either as a stand alone device or as part of the Fixturlaser RT-200 shaft alignment system.


Bearing Defender


Bearing  Defender was designed to put bearing health assessment at the grasp of  all mechanics. By simple selection of the machine speed, power range and  type of mounting, Bearing Defender alerts the user to the presence of  bearing issues, unbalance, misalignment or if other issues  exist.

  • Bearing diagnosis available in 10 seconds.
  • More than 30,000 bearings via the onboard reference library.
  • Easy to use for any experience level, no prior training required.
  • Works with most industrial machines with ±80g dynamics.
  • Wireless measurement of inaccessible machines.

Reports are communicated through the native features of the mobile device.

Machine Defender


Machine Defender provides automatic diagnostic capabilities with overall machinery health assessment, list of faults detected with severity, confidence rating and first level of maintenance recommendations. The following types of defects are managed:-

  1. unbalance
  2. gear defects
  3. misalignment
  4. pump cavitation
  5. structural resonance
  6. bearing & lubrication problems
  7. shocks or modulation resulting from electrical defects or looseness
  8. other ISO failures such as belt wear, soft foot and more.

Results are stored in the app and reports communicated through the native features of the mobile device.

Our products have flexible features that enable us to tailor a package to suit your budget & specific needs.

Fixturlaser After Sales Support


Fixturlaser UK offers full technical support and training on all of our products. Training can be arranged to be carried out at our premises or yours. Contact us for more details.

Fixturlaser Guide-U™


Fixturlaser Guide-U™ is our unique icon based user interface that guides the mechanic throughout the alignment process, zero text, no confusion. Press the icon of choice and follow the screen prompts. There are no text barriers or confusing tree sub-structures cluttering the mechanic’s path to ensuring precision shaft alignment each and every time.

Fixturlaser TPS™

Tps 1

With Fixturlaser True Position Sensing, no re-measurement or additional rotation of the machine train, in between adjustments, is necessary. You can see exactly how much your remedial actions are moving the machine, live. TPS™ is accurate & innovative, ensuring the quickest response time between machine failure & getting your machine back on-line.

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