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Fixturlaser Eco - Laser Shaft Alignment Platform

Digital, wireless, entry-level system, dedicated to horizontal shaft alignment

The Fixturlaser Eco is an affordable precision instrument, created specifically for horizontal shaft alignment applications. In addition to providing Fixturlaser’s industry-leading ease-of-use  graphics interface, the Eco comes with wireless sensor units, a 4” colour display, rechargeable batteries and an IP65-certified design built to withstand harsh environments.

  • Screen-flip
  • Align machines
  • Remedy Softfoot™
  • Document & share the results
  • Configured to suit your reliability needs & budget

Our products have flexible features that enable us to tailor a package to suit your budget & specific needs.

Functions – Fixturlaser Eco

The featured programs below are the most common used with this system. Please contact us to discuss any specific issues you have.

Horizontal Shaft Alignment

¤app H 20, Measure Start Rev A

To achieve successful shaft alignment it is vital the proper sequence of events are carried out. Understanding and utilising this methodology will drastically decrease the time required to align shafts and improve the effectiveness of your efforts. The good news is, with Fixturlaser tools our Guide-U process prompts the user throughout the process to ensure no steps are missed.


¤app H 52, Softcheck Foot 2 Rev A

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to establish a softfoot condition without the use of a measuring device.

A softfoot condition needs to be corrected before alignment takes place. If not, the measurement result will be unreliable and the machine difficult to align.

Wind Turbines Option

Target Values 1

The Machine Defined Data option allows the user to create configuration templates for all kinds of manufacturing models, where data such as distances, target values and tolerances are saved.

This function is particularly useful for service organisations that maintain several wind turbine models.

Other Applications

Sf & Mm 1

Screen Flip is another of the innovations we developed, to ensure the machanic’s tasks are made as easy as possible. Screen Flip enables the mechanic to view the correct perspective of the machine train whilst going about his work.

All Fixturlaser shaft alignment tools incorporate  the easy to use onboard Memory Manager.

Store before and after results to ensure traceability of actions carried out.

Our products have flexible features that enable us to tailor a package to suit your budget & specific needs.

Fixturlaser After Sales Support


Fixturlaser UK offers full technical support and training on all of our products. Training can be arranged to be carried out at our premises or yours. Contact us for more details.

Fixturlaser Guide-U™


Fixturlaser Guide-U™ is our unique icon based user interface that guides the mechanic throughout the alignment process, zero text, no confusion. Press the icon of choice and follow the screen prompts. There are no text barriers or confusing tree sub-structures cluttering the mechanic’s path to ensuring precision shaft alignment each and every time.

Fixturlaser TPS™

Tps 1

With Fixturlaser True Position Sensing, no re-measurement or additional rotation of the machine train, in between adjustments, is necessary. You can see exactly how much your remedial actions are moving the machine, live. TPS™ is accurate & innovative, ensuring the quickest response time between machine failure & getting your machine back on-line.

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