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Test and Measurement tools are the backbone of any organisation and that is why it is essential to have your alignment tool serviced and calibrated at least every two years, more if it is used a lot.

The Fixturlaser Lifetime Warranty option is only valid by satisfying the condition that your system is calibrated at least once in every 24 month cycle by ourselves, exclusively.

Calibration & Repairs

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Fixturlaser Lifetime Warranty

The Fixturlaser limited warranty is valid under condition that the system is calibrated and updated, at least once within every 24 month cycle, by ourselves.

The limited lifetime warranty will only cover material and manufacturing defects. All wearing parts such as, but not limited to, batteries, are excluded.

The praxis for limited lifetime warranties is that the warranty is valid as long as the product is still under production. We will honour the warranty for two years, after production thereof is discontinued.